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​Frequently Asked Questions About Ozone Laundry

Questions About the Laundromat:

Monday-Sunday 7:00am - 8:30pm

Yes, we have 20 lb. washers, 45 lbs. washers, 62 lb. washers, and 80 lb. washers.

Questions About Wash and Fold:

Same day service.

We have a 20 lb. minimum order.

This is not a problem. We can handle all special requests.


Questions About Pick Up and Delivery:

You just click on "Schedule a Pickup" and fill in your information. We will pick up your laundry when you request. We will text you when we are on our way and let you know that we picked it up if you are not home. Then we will return it to you clean and ready to be put away.

No you don't. Just leave your laundry in a secure location and let us know where that is.

Next day delivery.

Yes, that can be put in the software.

Questions About Commercial Laundry Services:

Yes! Let us bid on your business today.

The bid is determined by the amount of laundry you have for us, how often you want us to launder your things, and how easy it is to fold.